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"If you are a concerned parent, this book is for you. Let us protect our children, buy your copy today."

Vanessa Reed

"This book gives practical and straight forward techniques to help identify, heal and protect children from sexual abuse.  The examples were riveting.  The steps outlined, like the SKIT, are simple methods to teach children."

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Pam Roof

"Laila did an amazing job of not only making the reader aware of this important issue, but also giving practical ways to prevent it by educating our children. She equips us with the "how to's" of approaching this with our children from a very early age.  As I was reading the book, I was thinking

of the different groups who need this information; concerned parents, caregivers, teachers, healthcare providers, etc.  I concluded that EVERYONE needs this vital information, as well as the tender and effective way of sharing it with our children that Laila presents.  Well done!"

Mary Ann Conklin

"What Happens After #MeToo is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to step in to help heal and protect our children, but isn’t sure how.  This is a handbook for every parent, teacher or person that comes into a responsibility contact with children.  It provides you with the answers to so many questions. We are in a very difficult environment where children are exposed to so much information. It is imperative that they be prepared."


Marlyn Sayegh

"What Happens after #MeToo is a must read for all parents. Dr. Laila gives the reader practical and helpful techniques to protect children, pick up on the signs of abuse and respond to reports of abuse. Her powerful message that those who are abused aren't guilty supports both the abused and those that support them by providing them with the freedom and the courage to stand against abuse. I highly recommend this book!"

Sondra Sparks

"Laila uses real life stories to captivate the reader. This book should be read and shared with adult children, teachers, and parents with whom you associate. The methods that Laila shares are helpful, easy to remember, and very instructive for all children and parents. Full of emotion, truth, and conviction, this book will encourage you to boldly be a voice for the silent victim in order to fight against sexual abuse and bullying."

Julie Aldrich

"Abuse…it’s a hard topic and may seem difficult to talk about, but “What Happens After #MeToo"? will equip you with the knowledge on how to recognize abuse and how to protect your children against it. I now have a better understanding of what exploitation and manipulation really looks like. And, how to guard the most precious gift that God has given to me, which is my children and grandchildren. Excellent book! 

Thank you Laila! Julie"

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