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The aim is to flood the Middle East with anti-sexual abuse materials, provide support and deliver prevention services to children, parents, teachers and social workers, thus empowering parents and children across the globe.

Sherry George

I love how professional you are. While my studying Counseling Psychology Masters degree, we got a whole module about ethics in psychotherapy & APA code of ethics. And obviously, among lots of others, you are maintaining a clear code of ethics, professionalism & even proactive root cause treatment rather than taking a reactive approach. Thank you for being professional & respecting human mindfulness God bless all your steps

Magued Helmy

I'm very glad for the progress made... you believed that it's possible to tackle this very sensitive issue.. developed an excellent program and worked so hard to convince the officials to apply it .. met with unbelievable resistance .. and finally it worked out... it was a very long and difficult way.. you are really a great challenger .. congratulations to the sufferers and to you for the great success..


Not Guilty for Family Development is a Non-Government Organization in Egypt established in 2012, number 8521. It is holding a nationwide campaign aimed at bringing an end to sexual abuse, bullying and trauma to women, men and children through many venues: awareness, media, education, Training of Trainers, and counseling.

Dr. Laila Risgallah who is an Ashoka fellow, founded Not Guilty. She is a medical Doctor with a Master Degree in Immunology, a PhD in Childhood studies, and a diploma in anti-sexual abuse (Middle East School of Sexual Abuse Related Pastoral Care- MESARPAC) and a bachelor of psychotherapy.

Laila presented a youth TV show since April 2007, just to pave the way for her next TV show “Not Guilty” that focuses on all aspects of sexual abuse.

Partners of the organization include UN Women, orange, Takatof, Avon, Ashoka, al Amal village, GIZ, Ford Foundation, Council of Services and Development/ Synod of the Nile, the Supreme Council of the Evangelical Church and others.

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Prevention is better than cure. This is why we focus on training children, women and men with anti sexual abuse and anti bullying programs. We train parents and teachers thus raising a generation who hate, refuse and fight bullying and sexual abuse. Not Guilty works on changing behavior through constant repeated messages.


Not Guilty focuses on building bridges of trust between children and parents to facilitate the reporting process through trainings on effective parenting.

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