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If you are a living being, you are likely to love helping others and helping our world become a better place

And yet training on sexual abuse and bullying or counseling sexually abused and trauma survivors is no easy task.



Because there is no easy answer and no quick fix.

We perceive how one human being can cause another human being pain that might scar that person for life.


We at Not Guilty have decided to face the rampant cancer of trauma and abuse. Facing such gigantic problems has a high price tag, whether emotionally, financially, or socially.

Many times we are faced with the denial of a whole society and feel lonely as we minister to trauma and abuse survivors.


Abolishing sexual abuse and bullying and the trauma that comes with it can never be accomplished by one person or one organization. We need all of you.

Let us join our hands. Only then can we abolish sexual abuse, trauma, and bullying, raising our beloved Egypt to indeed become the greatest nation on earth.

We are better together.


Dr. Laila Risgallah

Founder and President

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