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Still Too Late?

8-year-old Tamara (not her real name) had a lot of questions concerning the anti-sexual abuse training that the Not Guilty team was giving. She asked a lot of questions and then became very quiet.

When the Not Guilty facilitator asked them to draw their family, they immediately realized that a family member was abusing Tamara.

After the session ended, one of the counselors who was not guilty sat with the girl. The girl said that her uncle, who lives with them in the same apartment building, was sexually abusing her. He groomed her so well that she believed this was what she wanted and that it was her fault.

The Not-guilty counselor immediately reported the case to the teacher at the school.

This is not an uncommon story that we face.

Although it is heartbreaking, it is a reality that we need to face: that sexual abuse is closer than we think.

Abusers are not scary-looking people; they are not strangers on the street. Abusers are usually people you know.

Regardless of where we go, we are 25% too late.

You can help by raising awareness and donating to help us train where it is most needed for free.

Tamara is just one little example. But there are many more.


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