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Talking to Your Children about S**

A father decided to talk to his son about sex at age fifteen.

He invited his son into his bedroom and gently closed the door behind him. The father was very tense with sweat building on his forehead.

“Son, I need to talk to you about an important subject.” Said the father somberly.

“Go ahead, daddy! I am all ears. This sounds so serious. Did I mess up?” The son remarked.

“‘I need to talk to you about sex.” The father answered slightly uncomfortable.

“Sure, daddy What would you like to know?”

If we wait too long to talk to our children about sex, it might be too late. We need to be the first ones to tell our children about such a sensitive and many times, controversial subject.

Here are a few facts about talking to our kids about sex:

  1. Telling our kids does not happen in one single incident, it’s a process that will take years. We need to build trust and answer questions truthfully so they will come later with other questions or doubts.

  2. Sex education for our children and teens is an ongoing process that starts as early as age three and up to age fifteen.

  3. Many parents consider this subject uncomfortable or taboo. Still, if we do not talk to our children, they will either get wrong information or become excellent prey for predators either online or in person.

  4. Children will perceive sex according to the way you talk about sex when they are around. If you talk about it as good or bad, that’s how they will see it later.

  5. Amid constant change, the spread of electronics, social media, inconsistent moral values of our society, we as parents need to be the anchor for our children and teens concerning sex education.

  6. Sex education makes our kids understand their sexual identities and the beauty of being created as men or women.

  7. Talking to our kids will remove some of the mystery and abate part of the curiosity, which might lessen future problems.

I believe that sex education is very essential to our kids’ safety from abuse.

Dr. Laila Risgallah Wahba


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